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RNI Microfinance And Small Business Support Project: Empowering The Vulnerable

RNI empowering the poor through small business start up and support services

Micro finance and small business support in Africa

In a courageous and desperate attempt to escape biting poverty in West Africa, Nourou who is slightly handicapped, travelled by road to Congo in search of a better life. However, success proved elusive.After going through unimaginable suffering, pain and disappointment, he was forced to bite the bullet and return to Senegal completely disillusioned. Now with a wife and 3 kids, he exists on the fringes of Senegalese society barely managing to eke out a meagre existence hawking handcrafted beads on the streets. Nourou, his wife and 3 children, live in a tiny room with a mat and small mattress.

Nourou Thiam and family

We gave the family a donation to help them generate much-needed capital to boost Nourou’s small business and empower him economically.

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