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Brixton & Clapham Outreach

Our volunteers provide assistance to individuals on the streets in the Lambeth area, particularly in Brixton and Clapham.

Brixton has a number of rough sleepers, destitute, and homeless people; this is also the case with Clapham; there are rough sleepers around the station areas, in the park and on the streets. We provide them with survival packs

Our Impact

Places where we have ongoing projects or have carried out humanitarian operations

International representation of our volunteers. Our volunteer programme has attracted dedicated workers representing over 25 nations across the planet.

Amount of food (including light meals) we are distributing monthly in London during the pandemic. We are also giving out clothes, shoes, sleeping bags, socks, face masks, hand sanitisers, and other essentials.

Number of individual gift items given to the homeless and impoverished individuals in London during the pandemic Christmas and New Year celebrations was over 1000.

Project Gallery

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