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Refuge Network International (RNI) is a non-profit humanitarian organisation that was set up to fight social injustice, empower the marginalised and alleviate human suffering principally through the promotion of Economic and Social Rights (ESR) in pragmatic and innovative ways. We work with refugees, victims of human trafficking and modern-day slavery, individuals living in abject poverty, and other marginalised groups.







Refuge Network International
Charity Across Borders
No Poverty Campaign


Our vision is to see a free and fair world. One devoid of haunting poverty, senseless human suffering and social injustice.


Our mission is to work towards the advancement and realisation of Economic and Social Rights in poor communities and among deprived individuals to ensure fair access to an adequate standard of life.


We are passionate about the poor, the helpless and the hopeless. We want to be a voice for the voiceless, a refuge for the vulnerable and a source of strength for the weak.



We will not sit back and wait for change. As agents of change, we will take action to facilitate the change we want to see. We intend to make a difference by deploying all resources at our disposal to contribute towards the promotion and realisation of Economic and Social Rights (ESR) in poor marginalised communities via a simple four-fold action plan which is summarized as follows:


We are a research-based NGO and are therefore committed to devoting resources to disseminating well-researched information aimed at creating awareness on the issues at stake, highlighting areas of urgent need, and pointing the way forward in terms of positive response.




We are pragmatic, so RNI shall actively mobilize manpower, materials and money to channel wholly towards helping to address the needs and inequalities that exist in our areas of activity.





The direction of our work is localised and globalised. Our operation is both local, at the community level, and international across nations. We are actively and directly involved within local communities in various nations stimulating awareness and facilitating change at the grassroots where it matters most.




We shall work collaboratively with individuals, groups, faith-based entities, communities, corporate bodies, governments and international agencies to facilitate the fulfilment of socioeconomic rights.


Communality and Unity

We believe in community and the power of healthy symbiotic relationships. We can achieve more if we synergise, working collaboratively as a team. We will strive to build community, focusing more on the fundamental things that unite us rather than the little things that divide us.


Probity and Accountability

 We deal with a high level of transparency. We have adopted a legal format that makes us accountable to regulatory authorities. In addition to this, our accounts will be made publicly available to strengthen accountability.


Empathy and Solidarity

The poor do not need our sympathy; what they need are empathy and solidarity. We are genuinely concerned about the challenging conditions of fellow humans walking the streets without a home to go to and the millions going to bed without food. We are all in this together; anything that affects one should concern all.


 Integrity and Honesty

 We cherish honesty and strong moral principles. We will strive to be consistent and would endeavour to demonstrate a high level of integrity and honesty.


Dependability and Reliability

We value commitment and a spirit of sacrifice. The vulnerable individuals and communities we work with cannot thrive if they cannot count on the commitment of service providers. We want to do everything we can to be there for those who need our support. All members of our team are expected to be dependable and reliable.


Charity and Generosity

There is enough on the planet to go round. We believe that everyone can bring something to the table. You do not need to have a fat bank account to make a difference; all you need is a large heart; where there is a will, there is a way! We can all contribute in different ways.


Equality and Inclusivity

All human beings are equal. We welcome diversity and promote inclusivity and equality. We want to build bridges and tear down walls of discrimination and prejudices. Refuge Network’s volunteers come from many different backgrounds representing over 25 countries. Our leadership comprise a good proportion of women and a fair representation of young, homeless, and marginalised people.


Humility and Respectability

We understand that our work is a call to service, so, as servants, we deliver service with humility and courtesy, treating colleagues and service users with respect. We aim to accomplish complex tasks in simple ways. Life is complicated enough; we do not want to complicate it further. Many of our service users are ordinary people dealing with complex challenges. We see ourselves as simple guys, working to provide simple solutions to many of the complex problems confronting the poor. We understand that it is a privilege to serve in this position of public trust. Therefore, we will eschew dishonourable activities and comport ourselves respectably. 


Creativity and Sustainability

We aim to evolve creative and innovative ways of combating the socioeconomic challenges in our communities while striving to ensure that outcomes are sustainable and local communities are not damaged. The ultimate goal would be to ensure excellence in the quality of services we offer.


Equity and Loyalty

We will reflect  fairness and impartiality in project selection and in the dispensation of service, and distribution of resources to service users. We will stand by our service users and do our utmost to be loyal allies to all partners and sponsors.


Safeguarding Policy Statement

Our organisation acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard, protect and promote the welfare of children and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and the  requirements of regulatory bodies.

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