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What We Do: Refuge Network International


We are a small international NGO. As a charity, we support refugees, migrants and marginalised people. We help disadvantaged kids. We support the homeless. We support victims of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. We fight against poverty.


RNI'S programmes are geared towards alleviating human suffering principally through the promotion of Economic and Social Rights (ESR) in pragmatic and innovative ways. We work with the homeless, rough sleepers, victims of human trafficking, refugees, prostitutes, individuals living in abject poverty, and other marginalised groups.

Promoting Economic And Social Rights

Supporting Children And Young People

Alleviating Poverty

We are promoting Economic and Social Rights through academic research and other means. RNI is helping to create awareness, stimulate social transformation, and enhance human rights through our scholarly contributions to legal research in the field of international human rights law

We are supporting disadvantaged children and young people. Over 263 million children and youths are out of school worldwide. Many are growing up in poverty without basic education and life skills. RNI is working to get street kids back to school. Our robust children and youth development programmes are structured towards the holistic development of young people to equip them for a productive and successful future.

Our poverty alleviation activities have been largely focused on Africa. Africa has a chronic and pervasive poverty problem.  Economic and Social Rights infrastructure is grossly inadequate in the majority of African nations. In the last few years, we have supported a number of small businesses in Africa. RNI is also actively working with artisans and small businesses to facilitate direct export of local products from the continent to the West.

Helping The Homeless And Rough Sleepers

There are over 150 million homeless people worldwide and a staggering 1.6 billion lack adequate housing. Refuge Network is working with homeless individuals in Europe and Africa. We provide food, clothing, other material supplies, and advice to the homeless.

Assisting Victims Of Modern Day Slavery And Marginalised People

Supporting Refugees and Migrants

There are between 21 million  to 46 million slaves in the world today. Many are involved in forced labour, including prostitution,  and a significant number of women are trapped in forced marriages.  We work to promote the interests of socially marginalised persons and groups. Orphans, widows and others who have been driven to the fringes of human existence either by the system or by any of life’s multifarious unpredictable circumstances.

We assist refugees and vulnerable migrants, providing food, clothing, basic supplies and counselling to those in desperate situations. 



Help us to fight against haunting poverty, senseless human suffering and social injustice.

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