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No Poverty Campaign (NPC) is an Africa-wide poverty alleviation initiative focussed on equipping vulnerable individuals and empowering marginalised communities to survive and thrive. We exist to campaign against poverty, especially the pervasive extreme kind of poverty that is prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa, which inhibits access to basic food, shelter, clothing, education, and healthcare.

Child Learning Numbers at School

27 of the 28 poorest nations on earth are in Sub-Saharan Africa  

40% of people living in extreme poverty worldwide would be in Nigeria and DRC Congo by 2050, and Africa could be home to 90% of the global poor by 2030

239 million people are hungry in Sub-saharan Africa, and hunger accounts for over 50% of all child deaths in Africa

203 million people over the age of 15 years who are illiterate are in sub- Saharan Africa

About No Poverty Campaign 

No Poverty Campaign is a people empowerment NGO. We exist to campaign for the eradication of poverty across the African continent via:


  • Sensitization programmes to promote the health and well being of individuals living in poor and rural communities. 


  • Creation of skills acquisition and business development programmes to empower economically disadvantaged people. 


  • Provision of educational opportunities to disadvantaged individuals and groups with a view to boosting literacy levels and enhancing life prospects. 


  • Provision of support (such as counselling, food, and relief materials) to the homeless and destitute.

  • Consultation and advisory services on matters relating to poverty and socio-economic rights.

  • Promotion of socio-economic rights related projects, programmes, and activities in different ways using various media, and supporting victims (individuals/communities) of socioeconomic rights violations.



Upcoming Projects to Fund

Support our poverty alleviation initiative. Help provide assistance for people living in abject poverty, and opportunities for disadvantaged poor kids in Africa. Volunteer or donate to help out.

Refuge Network International Poverty alleviation programme in Africa


You can help! We have answered the questions of how you can help with two simple words, Giving and Going. You can give to any of our projects or  volunteer to go work on a project with RNI.

All the Latest Updates

You can get all our latest updates via the link below. Please keep up!

Get to Know Us

A little info on our Leadership Team

& Volunteers



لا توجد منشورات بهذه اللغة حتى الآن

No Poverty Campaign is registered as a charitable foundation in Nigeria: Reg no1334213

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